Don Mosher
Don lives in Newport.
Don was in born and raised Newport, so he is a native of Aquidneck Island.  He is a community journalist for Portsmouth Patch, Middletown Patch, Newport Patch and Tiverton-Little Compton Patch. Don was a recent CNN Video contributor; http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2011/10/19/von-cow-on-bridge.patch?iref=videosearch "I enjoy writing and I always wanted to be a journalist since I was a kid. But, life happened and you find yourself down the road doing something to pay the bills instead of what you wanted to do. So writing for the Patches is kind of a dream come true. I guess writing found me after all." "I love spending time with my children, working at my church in the media department and coaching. Look for me on Facebook or at any Town meeting reporting for the Patches. Don also owns Southern New England Wind Power, a company that sells and installs wind turbines for homes and small businesses.
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