Conservation Commission Discussing Guard Up at EBC Tonight

What are your thoughts?


In a late addition to tonight's Conservation Commission meeting, there will be a discussion relating insurance requirements of the program at

Since the private company has begun leasing part of the camp, restricting public access to certain areas during periods of the summer, there has been debate over whether the money Guard Up! contributes to the town's budget is worth it.

With tonight's agenda item, we want to ask you what you think on this agreement for Westford. Should the town rent out public areas to private companies for weeks at a time? Tell us what you think.

R Gagnon July 25, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Weather or not Westford should grant exclusive access to 2/3 of EBC to a private, for profit entity like GuardUp! can be argued about forever. Weather or not Westford is legally obligated to enforce the terms of the lease agreement once the RFP process has run its course and the contract has been awarded is pretty black and white. Camp vendors either responded to the RFP or did not respond to the RFP based on the requirements listed in the RFP. If, once the contract has been awarded, Westford then relaxes the requirements and changes the financials in favor of the camp operation, it would leave Westford vulnerable to legal action by camp vendors that based their response (or lack of) to the RFP as it was written. The Conservation Commission and its members who hold dual positions on the Commission and Freinds of East Boston Camps are placing the town in a legally precarious position if they do not demand that GuardUp! either comply with ALL of the terms of the lease agreement including the insurance requirements or vacate the property. A reminder to those with short memories. It was MA General Laws that forced East Boston Social Center out of the camps because they could not comply with the procurement regulations put forth by the state. It looks like GuardUp! is flirting with a similar situation.
Dick August 06, 2012 at 12:56 PM
I don't see any benefit to the town leasing out this property,then restricting its use by the resident taxpayers.


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