Steve Sadowski Withdraws Nomination for Selectman

Steve Sadowski withdraws nomination for Selectman in Westford, MA.

Dear Westford Residents:

When I first heard about The Board of Selectmen’s attempt to restrict our civil liberties vis a vis Article 30, I knew I could no longer just be a bystander in the political process; complaining about how things should change but never acting to create change.  So, even though I just moved to Westford a year ago, and had never run for political office in my life, I went down to town hall and took out papers to be on the ballot for Selectman.  When I was told that I would need fifty signatures, my first thought was, “I don’t even know five people in town let alone fifty!”  But because Article 30 is so egregious, unconstitutional and tyrannical, between the Westford Sportsman Club and the Westford Pro 2A group I had more than enough nominations and was certified as an official nominee within a week.  I was, and remain humbled and grateful, as well as buoyed that I am part of this wave of patriotism that is poised to shake up the political machine in this town.   When my family and I moved to Westford, we wondered if Westford was the right place to live, but seeing first hand the support for liberty and the Constitution this past few weeks, I am now confident we made the right choice.


Since that time, two other candidates have entered the race.  Along with myself, incumbents, Robert Jefferies and Andrea Peraner-Sweet two other gentlemen have been certified for election: Jim Jarvie and Scott Hazelton.  Having talked to Jim and Scott, I can attest that both men are ardent supporters of our Constitutional right to bear arms and both will fight with us in defeating Article 30, or any citizen’s petition filed in its stead.  But there are only two seats available and people must put away their egos for the righteous cause.  Therefore,  I am withdrawing my nomination for Selectman.  We cannot allow three candidates to cannibalize the vote and give Mr. Jefferies a victory.  We must do everything in our power to concentrate our efforts on two candidates to supplant two incumbents.    I throw my full support behind Jim and Scott and hope that you will as well, as both men think as I do on the issues that affect the town.  They are both fiscal conservatives, they both are invested in the town, they have a level of expertise that will benefit the taxpayers, and in Scott’s case, many years of experience sitting on other committees in Westford.


As for me, I’m going to investigate other committees and boards in the town where I can acquire knowledge and a history with my new hometown.  After gaining valuable experience, you may see my name again on the ballot for Selectman, or School Committee, or wherever I am needed to bring about fiscal restraint, limited government and common sense.  But right now we are in the fight of our lifetimes to unseat two very powerful and influential incumbents who will have the winds of a democrat primary at their backs on April 30th.    Jim and Scott will need every vote we can muster.  They can count on mine, I’m asking for you to give them yours.


Thank you all for your support and giving me the consideration to possibly represent you as Selectman.




Steve Sadowski

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tjgreen64 February 19, 2013 at 02:04 AM
OOH- thanks for informing us who is supporting passage of the article. Not obvious who stands behind which issues in town politics but it is now..You just made it a whole lot easier to support the abolition of firearms...Go Jeffries....
CCR February 19, 2013 at 03:23 AM
Steve, thank you for jumping into a race that needed to be run. It was a pleasure signing for you, as well as an honor to stand behind you. You are one of the Good Guys! All the best to you.
CCR February 19, 2013 at 03:27 AM
TJ, Jeffries is the author of Article 30, if that helps. You can hear his interviews still on the WBUR site as well as Westford CAT pertaining to this as well as articles in the Boston Globe, Lowell Sun, and Westfird Eagle discussing his Article.
Steven Sadowski February 19, 2013 at 04:34 AM
Thanks CCR. I'm a team player and will do whatever I can for the cause of liberty. What most people don't understand (ahem, TJ) is that even if you love guns, hate guns or are ambivalent to guns, no one is ambivalent to a lawsuit that will bankrupt the town.
R Gagnon February 19, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Steven, thank-you for being willing to step into the fray. Your willingness to step up and gracious and well stated reasons for stepping out of the race speaks volumes for your character and genuine intentions to donate your time to serve the people of Westford. You have a new fan in this voter and I will support you for whatever path you choose as you ramp up and become increasingly involved in out small town politics. Westford needs a voice of reason, a newfound respect for the rights of the residents to live as they wish and a sense of fiscal responsibility that our present leadership severely lacks. After observing your actions and learning your positions on some of the important issues, I am confident that you will be a valuable asset to our town. Welcome!


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