Will Westford Academy Have Football in 30 Years?

The Baltimore Ravens' Bernard Pollard said last week to CBS Sports that he thinks that the NFL will be dead in 30 years at this rate. Now that the Super Bowl's over, we want to ask you if you think Pollard's prediction will also apply to


The NFL season is over, but controversy over the safety of the sport itself continues.

Last week, the Baltimore Ravens' Bernard Pollard told CBS Sports that he thinks the NFL won't exist in 30 years due to concerns over safety and inconsistent rules intended to make the sport less dangerous, but he believes actually only ends up harming the game's entertainment value instead.

Between concerns over safety and fears over concussions to the cost of equipment compared to other sports to the wide array of other sports competing for the time of kids, the long term popularity of the sport could be in question.

And that's our question for you today: if Pollard is right, will there be a football program at Westford Academy in 2043 or for the centennial of Westford's 1955 perfect season(team pictured)?

Or is Pollard wrong? Or could the answer be somewhere in between or something we can't even fathom now?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Mitt February 05, 2013 at 08:18 PM
If the money tree keeps having those dry spells its prone to it will be cut as a funding issue sooner rather than later


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