Positive Energy Pays Off for Grey Ghosts Hockey Coach

Westford Academy's Todd Fletcher led the girls hockey team to a regular season league title.

The following questions were answered by Westford Academy girls hockey coach Todd Fletcher, who led the Grey Ghosts to a 13-2-1 league record and 14-3-1 mark overall. That was good for a Merrimack Valley/Dual County League regular season title.

What has been the key to your team's success so far this season?

The way that we want our team to be perceived is as an energetic team that keeps coming at you. They play smart. We give them a system and let them play in the system. We’ve been fortunate enough to have good numbers and a lot of girls that can play. We have great depth. The way our girls play with the intensity that they bring and just all in all their effort from top to bottom, you don’t find that too often.

How would you describe yourself as a coach?

Positive energy. We work our tails off. We work hard in practice, compete in practice and that carries over to the game. We’ll be consistent, and that’s what we preach as a coaching staff. We’ll be consistently positive and consistently provide  energy. We try to share our knowledge of the game. We’re fortunate enough to have three coaches that all played at the collegiate level. It’s nice for the kids to not just hear it from me. The hockey IQ of our coaching staff, we all grew up around the game.

What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

Good teams become great teams because they get hot at the right time. We’re trying to establish ourselves and get on a roll. We want to manufacture wins, play tough gritty games and almost play state tournament type of games now and find ways to win.

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