Junior Girls Finish Their Season on a High Note

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Green Gobstoppers 17
Terror Tucans 8

In this intense game, Grace O'Sullivan, Morgan Freud and Skyler Anderson played a great offensive game. Lea Trainor, Uche Orakwue and Ariella Flesicher played an awesome defensive game. For the Green Gobstoppers, Sydney Roche,  Sam Eynon, and Jackie LaBarre played an amazing offensive game. Caroline Tierney, Grace Finneral, and Maddie Laliberti were aggressive on defense.

Electric Eels 22
Blue Surfers 16

It was an amazing game between the Eels and the Surfers but the Eels pulled ahead for the win. For the Eels, Morgan Rose and Gigi Ottaviano worked together to achieve a great offensive game. Ella Krikorian and Maddie Jones played oustanding defense. Emily Stander and Danielle Reynolds had a stupendous game for the Surfers. Sophie Jiang played great defense. It was an overall well played game on both teams.

Crazy Pink Panthers 18
Purple Urple Flurples 16

The powerful Pink Panthers had a crazily close marvelous match against the primetime Purple Urple Flurples. For the Pink Panthers, Katie Cullen and Kelly Burbine played out of this world offense sinking many hard earned baskets. For the Flurples, Cindy McLaughlin was lightening fast on the court and a scoring machine. For the Pink Panthers, Caroline Gabriel and Brooke Leonard were spectacular on defense with stupendous steals and astonishing aggressiveness. For the Flurples, Sydney Kennedy, Grace Santana, and Caroline Burke dominated on defense with sassy steals and rocking rebounds. This groovy game went into overtime because of the Flurples Cindy McLaughlin's outstanding offense. After the nailbiting overtime, the Pink Panthers took the win because of a splendid shot by Katie Cullen in the last 35 seconds of the game. Both teams showed fantastic teamwork and hustle which made for a very exciting game !

Smurfs 21
Phoenix 15

Great game everyone ! On the Blue Smurfs, Alyssa Cannuscio and Carolyn Graham performed terrifically on both offense and defense. Olivia Beatty did a great job getting open and stealing the ball. Also for Team Phoenix, Lily Kinney was a powerhouse doing a fantastic job on offense. Fantastic attitude by Lauren Dougherty. Terrific performance everyone !

Blue Lightening 26
Starburst 17

The Blue Lightening is back ! Kara Mammola was on a roll with her shots along with Meaghan McGee. Cailin McEnaney on the Starburst was great with her shots along with Emma Quaranto. Emily Morin was a rocket and Olivia Vallone was right there with her. Victoria Andrews, Anya Brown, and Brianna Frankfort, Isabelle Smith, and Molly O'Regan played strong defense to lead to a fantastic victory.

Orange Crush 27
Maroon UmpaLumpas 14

In a great game against the Orange Crush and the UmpaLumpas, the Crush came out on top. For the Orange Crush, Sky Cady and Sarah Schneller played marvelous defense. On offense, Olivia Lohmeier and Fiona Cotter had fantastic shooting. For the UmpaLumpas, Leyla Singh and Caroline Norton had aggressive offense. Ellen Olszowy and Lauren Berk played great defense. Overall, it was a phenomenal game !

Shamrock Shooters 20
Lemon Headz 8

An exciting end of season game was played between the Shooters and the LemonHeadz. Nice shots were made by Jessie Peternell, Elenor Whitehead, and Laura Devlin. As usual, Natalie Targ was the rebound queen while Katherine Dickey and Amelia Devlin played tight "D". Claudia Oakleaf had some nice steals while Ally Giovino was sneaking her way to the basket for layups. On the LemonHeadz, Rachel Murray and Tara Castelano had lots of rebounds while Tori Enis and Emily Longtin moved the ball around. A great game to end the season.


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