Westford Teacher Update, Just Not on Contracts

Monday night brought a new member to the School Committee, but no update on teacher negotiations.


While the School Committee's membership has changed after last week's election, they announced that there is little change when it comes to ongoing teacher contract negotiations.

Following a lengthy executive session, the Committee announced that the teachers’ negotiating team has requested additional sessions and they have agreed to continue to meet with them.

School Committee member Judith Culver recused herself due to her daughter’s teaching position in town.

However, there are other changes coming for Westford teachers.

Culver reported on the two-day conference she attended for the state’s Race to the Top plan where a new teacher evaluation model was rolled out.

 “It’s an exciting new way at looking at teacher evaluations," Assistant Superintendent Christine Francis. "It will be challenging to implement but will help teachers feel more involved in the evaluation process.” 

Franklin May 24, 2012 at 09:21 PM
Well I hope teachers realize the next offer from the town isnt likely the best they can truely do as how many CONSESSIONS (not hiring mroe positions, no town trash pickup) do we see the town make as teachers are going to be asked to stall an obligated step for years? Some teachers will take anything 'better' because they are sick of this which means this 'tactic' would then have been a sucess for the town and a card that will be played again next time around. And why not? Teaches are asked to take less money than they are OWED so the town can HIRE MORE AND MORE NEW TEACHERS its time for the teachers to say "HECK NO"!!!! We will not subsidize spending and spending and speding so the town can pride itself on its W TOWN status and offerings on the pockets of its teachers, Nuff Said
Andrew Sylvia May 24, 2012 at 09:23 PM
I can provide a Patch answers on requirements for running for office in Westford. That's fine. Listen to Local, though. Please talk to issues and not people.
Local May 24, 2012 at 09:40 PM
We were sufficiently spooked and ratified the contract with the concessions. Sure enough, a few months later, mass layoffs, myself included. I've seen that same thing happen over and over again. WHat's interesting is that the concessions agreed to caused the stock price to fall. By agreeing to the concessions we very well may have perpetuated precisely what we were trying to avoid. The teachers' can't' pay for the overstaffing, it's not sustainable. Every town and business has been hiring and laying off for years as the economy fluctuates, it's just a fact of life. Anyone who puts a single lost job on teachers should be ashamed of themselves. It's unfair even if you don't think about the numbers. But guilt makes for a great negotiating tactic. The town isn't feeling guilty about anything, they are playing to win. If you don't match that intensity you get suckered into making mistakes. They will make themselves into the benevolent ones and the teachers as the ruthless ones, when it's the exact opposite. You have to learn to see through the smoke cloud the Co/town will create. The union did a good job with it, and the teachers took a stand, I'm so glad they did. It would sadden me to see them get played as I've examined everything I can pretty thoroughly and Westford gets more than enough from its' teachers. The town has a lot of gall asking for more from them considering so many other factors.
Franklin May 24, 2012 at 09:50 PM
I know Olsen and harness are not above blaming teachers for everything and take zero accountability for this mess themselves, I have read an email were Olsen played the save jobs card as he wrote a budget which included new staff, that is my ask patch question, why the town can claim saving current jobs while increasing staff at the same time
Andrew Sylvia May 24, 2012 at 10:55 PM
Okay, I'm closing comments here.


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