Westford School Officials: Music Director Not Forced to Resign

Job description was changed from full-time to two part-time positions in April, according to report.

Westford Public Schools. Credit: Patch
Westford Public Schools. Credit: Patch
The mystery of why a long-time music teacher and director in the Westford Public School system resigned last month has revealed itself, according to The Lowell Sun

According to the report, the School Committee met in private/executive session on May 19, to discuss the resignation. Some parents were distraught to learn of the resignation. After the private session, Superintendent of Schools Everett Olsen later revealed that Lussier was not forced to resign and was not dismissed. 

Last month, according to the story, the department decided to change the position from one full-time position to two part-time positions, effectively forcing Lussier to decide to keep a part-time position within the district or find something else. 

Read the full report online at lowellsun.com
Westford Student May 21, 2014 at 09:56 AM
That's quite true, Margaret. Even if he was effectively "forced" to resign because of the job splitting into two part time positions, meaning if it had happened before he resigned, why is there a need to split the job? Like Christine said, when has it become more about saving even MORE money? Where is that money going? Why is it JUST Mr. Lussier's position that is being cut, and not any other arts positions in Westford? Something is quite fishy, and it is most definitely not right. I just don't see why Mr. Lussier, who is one of the most inspirational, well-spoken, and giving music teachers in Westford, can't just keep a full time position like it has been for the last 14 years he has been working here. And who is going to be taking his job? Someone that has a connection to the person who fired him? These are all questions that seem to have no answers or people are not being clear with the people who are demanding an answer. What a shame to the WPS administration.
Steven Sadowski May 21, 2014 at 10:18 AM
I was a music education dual major at Berklee back in 1986 and back then the days of each school having their own music teacher was starting to go the way of free athletics. That's one reason I switched to mathematics. So this should not be a surprise to anyone 20 years later. And I don't fault the administration because they are measured based upon how our kids test in math and English not music. So expect more cuts to music, art and ala carte athletics. This is the price you pay for voting in statists. The state rules your lives. So keep on voting for more Elizabeth Warrens and Barrack Obama's. You get the govt. you deserve: a monolithic, top down, one size fits all, centralized, teach to the test, cookie cutter educational monopoly.
Westford Insider May 22, 2014 at 06:04 AM


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