Westford Academy K-9 Search Turns Up No Drugs

A search by the Westford Police K-9 unit provided no drugs, although Westford Academy principal James Antonelli indicated that drugs had been found at various points in recent weeks and urged parents to remain vigilant regarding new drugs and prescripti


In a letter to parents on Friday afternoon, Westford Academy principal James Antonelli indicated that no drugs were found on campus during an unannounced "Building on Alert" search earlier that day.

The search, which was conducted by the school in conjuction with the Westford Police K-9 unit and other local law enforcement agencies.

Friday's search took approximately 35 minutes according to Antonelli, with instruction continuing while hallways and parking lots were emptied.

Currently, the search conducts 2 to 3 of these unannounced random searches per year under its current policies.

Despite the results of Friday's search, Antonelli indicated that marijuana and prescription drugs had been found on campus at numerous points during the prior three weeks and urged parents to either lock away or throw away medications that could potentially be abused at home.

He also urged parents in his announcement to be aware of a new drug being found by local police called "Molly," a crystalized form of MDMA, better known as esctasy.

Belzabub November 17, 2012 at 03:18 PM
There is a rash of kids selling and snorting crushed Oxy at WA which dogs don't find FYI
Adele November 17, 2012 at 09:14 PM
In some places kids crush Oxy pills and put the powder in their Poland Spring bottles which they sip in class, hard to detect so eyes open folks
Alex Finnegan November 29, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Dogs can be trained to smell anything, oxy is off the list in many situations because people have legal scripts for it so it would hold things up if they were stopping all the time for oxy. You would have to know whether or not the dog used in the searches is trained to find oxy or hydro codone. It's possible given his area of work he is, it's also possible like you said, he isn't. There is a difference between a customs dog, a bomb dog, a cancer dog and a town dog. The first three would skip the oxy type drugs for various reasons, the fourth it's very possible is trained to find prescription opiates including patches. We need to ask the dog.


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