What Will Westford's Cherry Sheet Look Like For Fiscal Year '14?

The governor's plan gives Westford about $240,000 more than last year from Boston in total, but will we see more or less than that?


Each year the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) issues a listing of what each municipality and school district in the Commonwealth will get in local aid and what it will have to pay to the state for certain specialized services.

It's still a long way to go until we see the cherry sheet for Fiscal Year '14, but if they came out today on the Governor's proposed numbers, here's how the changes would look for Westford according to the DOR between this Fiscal Year and next Fiscal Year (which begins on July 1.)

Representative Arciero warned that the legislature could signficantly change the numbers by the time the process is done, and today we want your take? What will the final numbers be for Westford?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Total Money Coming In (Receipts)


FY2013 Cherry Sheet Estimate FY2014 Governor’s Budget (H1) Difference   Chapter 70 16,064,000 16,189,875 125,875   School Choice Receiving Tuition 271,300 336,931 65,631   Annual Formula Local Aid 0 59,689 59,689   Veterans’ Benefits 31,331 51,332 20,001   Unrestricted Gen Government Aid 1,797,543 1,797,543 0   State Owned Land 198 198 0   Public Libraries 18,612 18,384 -228   Exemptions: Vets, Blind, Surviving Spouses & Elderly 67,405 67,020 -385   School Lunch 26,533 23,040 -3,493   Charter Tuition Reimbursement 28,556 16,818 -11,738 Total Estimated Receipts 18,305,478 18,560,830 255,352

Money Going Out


FY2013 Cherry Sheet Estimate FY2014 Governor’s Budget (H1) Difference   Mosquito Control Projects 79,154 82,874 3,720   Air Pollution Districts 7,450 7,758 308   RMV Non-Renewal Surcharge 8,780 8,740 -40   Regional Transit 144,516 148,129 3,613   Special Education 12,733 13,239 506   School Choice Sending Tuition 20,000 34,000 14,000   Charter School Sending Tuition 125,525 120,070 -5,455 Total Estimated Charges 398,158 414,810 16,652
Jamaal February 01, 2013 at 11:04 AM
Regardless of exact cherry sheet bottom lines.... There is a confidence in town that adding new positions with the money we fought to keep away from our police, firefighters, and teachers might catch up with us. I would like to see the school budget grow a few million more than 48 million for FY14 to support Growth. Our school nurses in town have been w/out a contract all year and are quietly being railroaded by the town to save a couple nickels more


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