Selectmen Discuss Three Properties And Whether They Should Be Sold

Part Three of a transcript from the Jan. 14, 2014 of the Board of Selectmen meeting. For other parts of the transcript, click here. 

7:55 p.m.

Peraner-Sweet provided an update on the Registered Marijuana Dispensary Bylaw Committee, saying that the bylaw proposal is just about completed.

Hazelton asked residents to participate in the survey on the naming of the East Boston Camps, which can be done through the town survey or online.

8:00 p.m.

Town Manager Ross asked for the board’s approval to join the 495/MetroWest economic partnership. It was approved unanimously.

She also submitted a 2014 work plan from the Economic Development Committee and the draft Business and Community Guide. The guide is expected to be distributed in February and would be paid for entirely by sponsors in the report.

Peraner-Sweet praised the committee.

There will be 3,500 initial printings with a charge of $3 for anyone that wants reprints.

8:05 p.m.

Assistant Town Manager John Mangiaratti requested the board expend $14,151.80 from the Roudenbush Revolving Fund for urgent roof repairs next door at the Frost School, with an additional $10,000 coming from insurance money.

This was approved.

Mangiaratti asked the Selectmen if they have any interested in the Hildreth Street Parcel, as well as  parcels on Depot Street and Endmoor Road. The Hildreth Street is proposed to be sold to the Westford Conservation Trust and the other s are for sale.

Selectman Jim Sullivan asked why Depot and Endmoor were for general sale while Hildreth was not, with Mangiaratti saying they were at different stages and that the Conservation Commission requested Hildreth to go into conservation.

A notice was made in December that Depot and Endmoor would be sold on Thursday, with Wormell asking that Westford Affordable Housing taking another look, Sullivan agreed saying that there was value there.

Hazelton added more information, and Selectman Ross asked why the Conservation Commission was interested in Hildreth, with Mangiaratti saying that the parcel was adjacent to lots that they manage.

Peraner-Sweet asked if the board had any issues with Endmoor, there were none.

The discussion then went to Depot, with Sullivan saying there was concern over ownership of a dam near the property, and that sale should not be made until that is figured out.

Peraner-Sweet agreed, adding concerns she heard from the Water Department over the property. She strongly recommend to the Tax Possession Sales Committee not to sell the property.

8:15 p.m.

Town Manager Ross asked if the town wanted a membership in the Westford Rotary, with it now being free for the town since it would provide a liaison between the town and businesses in town.

Selectman Ross said it was a good group of people and it’s a good opportunity.

The rest of the board was supportive of the measure, which pleased Town Manager Ross, who said the Rotary’s membership had grown recently.

A member of the Business Development Committee also said that the Rotary was very helpful.

8:20 p.m.

Mangiaratti announced a new round of local assistance funds from NMCOG and Town Manager Ross announced a grant for the Cameron Senior Center.

Moving onto correspondence, Wormell asked if someone went to the most recent meeting of the Central Massachusetts Mosquito Control Project. Town Manager Ross said normally Board of Health members go to that, but she could check.

Wormell asked about another letter from Holly Pritchard, a librarian.

The board then adjourned.


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