Selectmen Approve Surveying Parcels Along Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

The move was seen by some at the meeting as a backup plan in case the Acton initiative fails.

Although the current long term plan for Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Parking continues to be located , the Board of Selectmen approved a measure that some in attendance claimed was a backup plan for parking in the area.

The Board voted to approve money for surveying two lots on Acton Road: the Cresthaven/Sweetzer parcel near Anne Teresa Way, and the Bose Parcel near the intersection of Acton Road and Carlisle Road.

Current town zoning bylaws prohibit municipal parking in most zones unless they are accessory parking lots to other municipal facilities, but Westford town planner Angus Jennings recommended the measure to help remove a cloud on the title of the Cresthaven/Sweetzer parcel, citing no opinion on the issue of parking.

Selectman Robert Jefferies, who ceded his chairmanship of the board halfway through the meeting as part of the board's annual reorganization, responded to residents concerned that this may cause a parking lot to go in the area without the approval of Town Meeting with the response that it wouldn't be possible, citing that it would potentially take granting right-of-way to the state along Acton Road, or requesting additional appropriations for the project, both of which would have to go through Town Meeting.

The measure was approved 4-1, with Selectman Valerie Wormell continuing her opposition from the , as well as a subsequent vote .


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