Proposed Public Safety Officer at Nashoba Tech Approved by Selectmen

A requested Westford Police public safety officer at Nashoba Valley Technical High School was unanimously approved by the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday night.


A Westford Police officer is expected to be on duty at next September after approval by the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday night.

The motion brings back the School Resource Officer position that existed in the school as a full-time position from 1998 to 2006 and as a part-time position from 2006 to 2008.

Although Westford Police public safety officer Michael Croteau told the board that the position would help in preventing possible criminal activity at the school, Nashoba Valley Technical High School District superintendent Judith Klimkiewicz stated that the main goal of bringing back the position to the school was to build a positive relationship between teenagers and authority figures.

“We’re hoping that this can help become students become accustomed with police officers and help build understanding with the police in ways comparable to things such as the D.A.R.E program,” said Klimkiewicz.

The superintendent expressed to the board that Nashoba would entirely pay for the position, coming either from grant money or from school choice funding, and that the position would cost somewhere between $54,000 to $79,000.

This figure would not be prorated, with potential disability payments incurred through job-related incidents to be covered by a pending memorandum of agreement between the school district and the town.

And although the school district will pay for the officer’s salary and incidental costs, the officer, who is expected to be a more experienced officer according to the discussion, would still be an employee of the Westford Police Department

Only Selectman Robert Jefferies voiced concerns relating to proposed agreement, fearing possible symbolism shown to the students if the officer at the school carried a firearm while on duty.

“I don’t like sending the message to the students that they’re being watched by an armed guard,”  said Jefferies. “I got a commitment last time and it was totally ignored, not from the school, but by the previous police chief.”

Klimkiewicz told the board that she did not recall the final two School Resource Officers at the school being armed, and she would not be comfortable with the proposed officer carrying a weapon either.

While approval by the board was unanimous, wording was attached to the motion strongly urging that the officer not be armed while on school grounds.

The officer would oversee students from what is now eight towns, with the town of Ayer approved to become a member of the Nashoba Valley Technical School District after approval from the town of Shirley's Town Meeting last night, the last member town in the district to grant approval for the admission.


Local May 25, 2012 at 01:45 AM
Tom said "Any money spent anywhere in town is an excuse to cry about step increases" Yes, it's a legitimate point as to why it's not given to the teachers. Westford's school population including sped has not changed that much in the last 3 years. http://profiles.doe.mass.edu/mobility/default.aspx?orgcode=03260000&fycode=2011&orgtypecode=5& yet this is in the 2012 budget notes "For FY2013, Westford Public Schools will no longer receive federal Education Jobs Grant funds. This grant funded 25.1 existing staff positions in FY2012 that will be absorbed in the FY2013 General Fund appropriation at a cost of $750,000. Also included in this budget are 17.7 new staff positions, which are required in order to meet current Westford student needs" The actual amount was $841,237 from 2009 that they knew would be temporary Look at the population changes, 25 new teachers and 18 more? They have the right to be ticked off. The excuse is they are necessary to meet mandates for sped. The sped population has not grown that much. They are threatening layoffs but in the same letter they state they have already cut some costs with layoffs. Look into the reasons things are the way the are and then you can argue that they shouldn't be upset. I assume if your job did that and then asked you to forego $1700 you'd be fine with it? You aren't even fine with a $60 property tax increase over a year.
Sam May 25, 2012 at 01:59 AM
In the real world you are not guaranteed any increases every year. You are not guaranteed you will keep your job. You have no idea of what I would be fine with so please don't put words in my mouth.
Local May 25, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Vincent said "So we'll do it the HARD way, I can't wait to vote the prop 2.5 override down, it is time for a HUGE dose of fiscal discipline!" Good, we'll start with the $1.5 million we spend on trash pickup. Many other towns have been disciplined enough to have homeowners take care of it. Knock off two professional development days, were up to 1.7 million. Pay town admin according to a rubric other than elite and eliminate positions other towns with similar populations do just fine without. We are well over $2 million now and you can start to pay your teachers AVERAGE. You have to give your teachers a raise to get them at state average. Give me a break, the problem is not the teachers. Again, look up Brain Drain. Your good teachers are going to want out. The financial advantage is already not on your side, you want to treat them like garbage they will leave. It will happen over time, but it will happen.
Local May 25, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Tom said "All I am saying is that if the teachers were that confident in the courts upcoming decision why the constant need to blast the blogs with this stuff? In doing this you certainly do not appear confident, you appear desparate. In reading the info provided here by the teachers and SC there are valid arguments on both sides. I know you probably do not want to hear that. If you do win in court there will be layoffs. It seems rather simple." The only one I see saying that confidence line you keep repeating is you. If you are talking about me, I'm not a teacher, nor part of the union. But I have worked with unions, negotiated, written contracts and know something about it. So my opinion is not baseless, but I do think the teachers will win They are laying off anyway. Read the town documents. Run some numbers you will see it doesn't' work no matter what. I've given you the numbers above, grab a calculator. Too many employees vs not enough $ = Layoffs. No on is blasting the blogs with anything. I'm not a teacher or union. I only know of two people that post on there that are. It's possible people just disagree with you and think the teachers don't' deserve what they are getting. What your saying doesn't make sense anyway, how does posting anything here do anything from a legal standpoint. People (especially me) like to debate. Have you ever heard of Brain Drain? That is what you are setting yourself up for here in Westford, and when the schools fall it all falls.
Sam May 25, 2012 at 02:11 AM
No one has said the TEACHERS themselves are a problem. This town has spent and will spend money that I disagree with all the time. Like a $500k elevator at Abbot. One which was lauded by most that work there. The only way to change that is to get people to actually come to TM and vote this foolishness down. The teachers now are being asked to feel a bit of the pain that the rest of us are seeing. How outrageous. I have read the contract that they were offered and I would not call that being treated like garbage.
Local May 25, 2012 at 05:09 AM
Tom, I have no idea what you would "be fine with" because you didn't answer my question, which leads me to believe you wouldn't be fine with it. Your "real world" is complete fiction. Teachers are laid off all the time. You picked up that line somewhere along the line & decided it feels true. It isn't. 3 were laid off in Westford last year. Here's some reading. http://www.layoffwatch.com/category/education-layoffs-2/ Your second "real world" assumption that few people are guaranteed raises every year is also untrue. Almost any government job, almost all forms of civil service. Teacher, Police, Firefighter, Town workers, Post office. You can have any of those jobs if you want them. Private sector: almost any union job. almost any job that involves a contract, Many self employed people with contracts a yearly raise is written in. Utility employees, any professional w/masters or higher earns progressively more each year as they gain experience. Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Nurses, MBA's, Teachers steps are part of their continuing professional development. A Westford firefighter works less days per year than teachers, start $10k a year higher, makes the same top pay in half the time, with little to no education requirement. Same benefits, but they accrue vacation time, 12 paid holidays, overtime teachers don't. W/overtime they average more per year than teachers w/21 days a month off. $10k a year higher, no education, same top pay in 8 years, teachers takes 14
Local May 25, 2012 at 07:42 AM
The education requirement teachers basically buy their job. Steps r a return on investment. Also US Salary workers over the last few years have gotten 2.6-2.9% raises. Thats more than steps. 60% of other workers got a raise last year, an estimated 93% will this year. http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2012/04/04/nearly-one-out-of-two-workers-expect-a-raise-in-2012-survey-fin/ http://jobs.aol.com/articles/2011/08/22/small-raises-for-salaried-workers-in-2012/ Steps don't last forever. It's the lowest paying masters & they stretch the payoff over 14 years. No other town job does that & they require less. They also increase from starting pay to top pay less than equivalent degrees i.e. you start at 48 and top at $78K (if they want to get halfway to a PHD. Other master's often double & triple their already higher starting pay. Combined with other towns managing better compensation & lower expectations u have the brain drain of Westford. "Teachers are being asked to feel a bit of the pain the rest of us are seeing" Really. Let’s compare. 72% of Westford earns = or more than teachers, 65% earn 2x or more. So you think the bottom 30% are somehow not feeling the pain, but the higher earning majority is? C’mon. "I have read the contract that they were offered and I would not call that being treated like garbage' No u didn't, u read what the S.C. told u they offered. Hopefully that will become public in the legal wash.
Local May 25, 2012 at 07:44 AM
They have had 22 years to do the Abot Elevator. If it was ur disabled kid being told to sit by themselves in the basement attending class via webcam you might not think it foolish. That kid has enough to deal with. He can't even be a regular student because Westford can't comply with the American Disabilities Act that was passed in 1990? Or is that just what we feel he should sacrifice to feel a little bit of the pain that the rest of us are seeing. There is nothing foolish or funny about it. No one has said teachers themselves are the problem? Maybe you don't' realize your implying it with most of the things you say. "They are just being asked to feel a bit of the pain the rest of Westford is?" Right there I can tell you don't know much about what they are asked for. U are also implying that disabled kids being able to be in a class & have some sense of being a normal kid is foolishness. I don't think you feel that way but thats how it comes across. 22 years is enough time for them to have gotten it done,and with $5million in a saving s account they should be ashamed they haven't & there is literally a kid sitting in the basement because of it. Teachers aren't the burden. Westford isn't feeling financial pain disproportionate to everyone else, especially its teachers. So yes, asking the teachers to give up steps when it won't fix the problem, it is outrageous. Everyone wants cuts but not that affect them. The teachers & this kid who can't walk should pay for it.
Franklin May 25, 2012 at 08:47 AM
I think the teachers should simply wait for their day in court next year to get what they are owed rather than settle for a contract that makes huge concessions left and right for far far far less,, they have been w/out a contract this long why not wait another 10 months? what the town of Westford has tried to do in withholding an obligated steps needs its day in court, not only for Westford educators, but so they don't send the message teachers everywhere in MA will take less then owed. this is also the time to get some significant language in the contract seeing as the SC came to 'negotiate' with next to nothing to offer, No Sunset Clauses for Pete's sake
Sam May 25, 2012 at 10:55 AM
That is the lowest form of debate. I expect that. I never said the disabled kid should be abused for gods sake. How about this outside the box thinking. Move their classroom to a location on the first floor. Please stop comparing salaries of the private sector to the public. It isn't a good argument. Just because folks average more than a teacher does not mean these economic times have not profoundly affected them. To all the unemployed and now struggling families who YOU refer to as so much better off is the foolish point. I agree with Frank below, wait your day in court. At least you have a day in court. Most of these high earners in Westford that you speak about would be simply asked to leave their desks.
Sam May 25, 2012 at 11:06 AM
Did they know this when they wanted to become teachers?
Local May 25, 2012 at 08:19 PM
"How about this outside the box thinking. Move their classroom to a location on the first floor." Will u move the whole grade or just one class? Because they both have large drawbacks. You're going to do that each year as the kids progresses? W/every disabled kid? You're going to move everywhere the kid has to go downstairs too? Gym, music, library, cafeteria, etc (maybe they already are downstairs I don't know) That was all rhetorical, I was just walking you through your through process. You still aren't complying with the disabilities act. Read what it is. Your wasting your time trying to think out of the box. It has to be handicap accessible to everyone. "Please stop comparing salaries of the private sector to the public. It isn't a good argument." I'm glad we agree it's a terrible argument. I talk about it a lot in response to people making the comparison. A few posts up it was you. "In the real world you are not guaranteed any increases every year. You are not guaranteed you will keep your job." If that's not a comparison I don't know what is. "Just because folks average more than a teacher does not mean these economic times have not profoundly affected them." No, it means they have more resources to fall back on. You didn't answer my question. If 65% of Westford earns 2x more or higher and 72% earn just as much or more than the teachers and only 25% have an equivalent degree (financial burden) how is lowering teachers pay equalizing the "pain"
Frankin May 25, 2012 at 08:41 PM
And as much as some on here complain about the WEA, if the WEA was as agressive in fighting for members as most teacher unions in the area teachers would be working to rule indefinately and there would be greviences up the wazoo this year. This is a pretty soft/reasonable teacher union, the fact their negotiation team offered to take 0%, 0% and forgo year one step to the end of the year shows just how soft/reasonable they are. Most area unions would fight that to the mat and back but this one was willing to take that back to the membership. I repeat what was said earlier, teachers and their WEA leadership included should wait for their day in court. Even with the remote possibility they loose the town wont/cant offer significantly less if it really expects to attract and retain compitent educators. The offer that is currently floating around isnt much better than a worse case senario so why rush with this folks. With 2 very legitimate lawsuits agaisnt the town, As Mick Jagger said in the 60s "Time is on your side" Wait out the town who must know by now they are gonna get wacked for not following their obligations. steps were definately paid in 1999 Fall when there was no contract in effect so the assertion of 'steps were never paid' is just a fairly tale spun to deceive joe public and the court has the proof (which the town as aware of) Its not 'if' but 'when' the court rules agaisnt the town
Local May 25, 2012 at 08:44 PM
" To all the unemployed and now struggling families who YOU refer to as so much better off is the foolish point" I'll address this after u research Westford's unemployment & who is struggling. You haven't looked into it, & I'm wasting energy doing the legwork & providing it to people who won't hear it. Speaking frankly @ sensitive issues doesn't make this a low form of debate. What does is skirting valid arguments, dismissing them as invalid w/no explanation, & using false logic. I provided u with solid evidence of many things you haven't touched. Do u agree that teachers do get laid off now? That on average salary employees have gotten raises larger than teachers steps? That many people get structured raises? That of all civil servants they invest the most $, have the highest education, don't make the most $, start @ one of the lowest pays, get lower raises, stretched out over double the time, they don't work the fewest days, that the layoffs will happen no matter what? Thoughts on any of that? I have a pretty solid ebuttal to your unemployment point you brought up near the end, but you don't seem to be interested in talking factually about a subject or sticking to it. Which is fine, nothing you've said and hopefully nothing I've said has been taken personally But I'll save breath for when someone is actually interested in talking about it. That's no disrespect to you I just feel like your mind is made up & I'm wasting my time giving you a different perspective
Frankin May 25, 2012 at 09:00 PM
Westford was a stingy as possible at the negotiation table when times were good, now that times are not so good they are beyound stingy (they have broken contractual financial obligations in the name of fiscal respouncilibity) WHY would all but the most naieve teachers think they will be treated better when things turn around? Dont believe the hype the party in Westford has ALWAYS been 'sorry we would like to pay you X but no money"
Local May 25, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Franklin, Thats how every union negotiation works. Thats the baseline jumping off point. Like I said with negotiations are about what cards you can play given the current climate. That holds true often on both the management and the labor side of it, that's why I'm not totally pro-union. A lot of times it's not based on what is fair. Teacher's though because the school committee usually has no educational training and the are the middleman between town and teacher, teachers would get stepped all over without a union. And in Massachusetts, since they require a masters degree, when they get stepped all over, existing teachers are going to leave and the influx of new teachers will drop. Ironically that drop will precipitate having to pay teachers more to draw them in. Simple supply and demand. Thats what will happen, it's called Brain Drain and sure as the sunrise it will happen in Westford if it isn't fixed. It will take a little time but it will happen. Personally, from my limited knowledge legal part involved & less of the evidence in play, I don't think the S.C. will let it go that far. I think they'll settle it before a judge does. Not just because they don't have a strong case, but because I don't' think some of what the S.C. may have done to become public, they'll avoid it at any cost. The settlement will have clause seals all records & a gag order. I'm not free to talk about it so don't ask. I'm only expressing my somewhat educated opinion & prediction.
Woody May 25, 2012 at 11:08 PM
Local, The WEA leadership would do well te remind their membership of your above points before they bring back an offer under 'gag order' conditions where they cant comment. Alot of young trusting teachers who might be ready to jump at any crumb of an offer better that the last not realizing they are rolling over far too easy. A contract w/out steps for each year being PAID in each respective year (instead of stalling a step which should have been paid at the start of year #1 in at the start of year #4) should be as soundly rejected as the last insulting offer from the SC. Pay the teachers their steps in each year and this all ends IMHO, dont and play shell games with those obligated steps and teachers should stand firm and REJECT
Frankin May 25, 2012 at 11:15 PM
a little yellow bird told me that last Wed the 2 sides nearly reached a tentative deal where year 1 step would have been paid at the end of year 3 (along with a big fat ZERo ZERO ZERO cola) but when non $$$ PD days and after school meetings were brought up the Super balked and walked away. Just as well because this offer was NOT one which teachers should have ratified anyhow. Teachers be patient and wait for your Spring 2013 court date and dont be strong armed into a supposed 'take it or leave it best offer' which still falls well short just to get this done before the summer. More than a 3 year contract is at stake with the precident this can/will set for every subsequent negotiation for teachers in Westford
Local May 25, 2012 at 11:42 PM
I get what you are saying. But my prediction is that the offer will be all steps, even the past years. That's hard to turn down on it's own, but it also wouldn't look good in court. But again to your point, IF there was some dirty tactics used or IF misinformation was presented to the public as fact. Do you give the S.C. what they want (in my hypothetical example here) which is not to be exposed and continue to be in the good graces of the town, or do you take it the whole way in the interest of truth and risk losing in court. It's a tough decision. What I'm hoping is that if they settle generously before a judge does, that people will be smart enough to understand the very small number of reasons the S.C. would include such clauses. Also, that sealing of record and gag order would part of the s.c. 's offer. A judge if impropriety is found is probably not going to let that be part of it. Which is why I think they might make a strong offer before it's out of their hands. THe reason they REALLY don't want to lose this negotiation is all other town unions have a common "me too" clause. It basically means that all the contracts would be renegotiated if that union wants it. A town would start with it's weakest union, get the concessions, & use that as leverage as they work there way up to the larger unions. Those prior contracts are void. When I said the town was betting big I meant it. They are all in & the teacher's called their bluff. All imo of course but Bravo.
Frankin May 26, 2012 at 12:09 AM
Local, I get what you are saying but there is a big different (BOTH symbolically with precedent and financially) to offering teachers the steps in the years they should have been paid and offering all steps in the 'life of the contract' but the year 1 step comes at the END of year 3 (in my book VERY unacceptable and I hope the WEA negotiation team wouldnt bring that back). I would at this point vote to see this go to court, and possibly loose, to stand up to the strong arm tactics Westford has tried to pull here. Like I said there is more at stake than simple $$ economics over the life of this contract. The next contract conditions are set by how firm each side is here. Lets let those skeletons rattle out of the closet and let the emperor stand naked so the people in town can see what many out there already know ...most likely only a matter of time before birds start chirping about those details anyhow ya know?
Frankin May 26, 2012 at 12:17 AM
FYI the average COLA of surrounding towns who have signed contracts in the past year is about 5% over 3 years; so its time Westford's Super and SC STOP with the 0% 0% 0% 'no money broke' rising fuel,rising insurance, decreasing state aid because these impact our neighbors too last I cheked. 0% for 3 years is not a fair offer (or generous to say the least). Local, when you say you think a generous offer will be put on the table I dont think the town can at this point with how it has boxed itself into a corner with whipsawing all contracts together, as you say it opens the other contracts. A stupid risky unfortunate way the town has gone about this....and if the teachers settle for less than is marketbasket fair, there will be NO accountability from the SC or Super for their actions. They will be the saviors who helped reach a deal rather than the bodies that hired and hired and hired past the point of prudence. No OK I say
Local May 26, 2012 at 01:38 AM
Franklin, I'm unclear on the step situation you are saying the presented. It's probably me so help me put it terms I can understand. They were offering before skipping a step this year and restarting next year a year behind. How is what you are talking about different than that. I disagree that 0% cola as unreasonable. If I were negotiating I would accept that under a certain condition. The rising gas insurance etc is all real. Though your right, it's affected everyone so it's sort of a moot point. The condition would be, I can't find Cola in the previous contract anywhere, is it there? If they previously agreed to no cola for the last 3 years, then I agree that it's unreasonable to do it again. The whipsaw will be decided by a judge. If they put together an offer that the teachers accept and keep it out of the courts the whipsaw charge would have to come from one of the other unions. I agree on the precedent issue, there is more at stake here than the contract.
Local May 26, 2012 at 01:43 AM
I think Olsen is a conflict of interest as he has a vote on the S.c., but does not advocate for teachers but against them. The one person on the S.C. with a clue about education & fully understands all the work the teacher's do can't be against them on issues like this & lead them at the same time. The irony is he super highly paid. Maybe he feels he deserves it for the great schools but teachers should eat it. HIs is a contract I would renegotiate, ultra bloated. It's easy to forgo a 2k bonus (why is that affordable?) making $175k, regular @$5k raises each year+ $5K yearly from the town towards your retirement, $3750 signing bonus, $250 gas money a month, 5 weeks vacation, 13 paid holidays (which puts him at 222 days worked per year) Paid life insurance, $3k for each year of service bonus upon leaving or retirement. It goes on. ANd he has the same Masters degree requirement a teacher does.
Martin Luther May 27, 2012 at 07:39 PM
Unless MA laws have been changed in the last 30 days, Supt. Olsen does not have voting rights on the Westford school committee. Mr. Olsen is a managerial employee of the Westford School Committee. He is charged with implementing the policies and directives of the Westford School Committee.
Local May 28, 2012 at 12:11 AM
You may be right about that. When setting up my ipad a few weeks ago I did something that erased all my bookmarks so I'm slowly rebuilding it. I'm positive that I didn't pull that out of nowhere, perhaps he has a vote only on certain issues?i.e. he couldn't vote on his bonus etc. But may have a vote if a member is absent or something. I didn't make it up, it's based on something, I'm looking for it now. Does anyone have the concrete answer? One thing that I did in the very beginning is there is actually a Westford Vermont whose websites are not easily identifiable as Vermont. I realized quickly that something was off, it's possible I got that info from there but I'm pretty sure I didn't. I'm looking now for what gave me that idea (if you have concrete evidence please save me the work) and I'f I'm wrong I'll fix it but wiping out my bookmarks and starting over again was a serious setback. What you are saying makes sense, he logically wouldn't ever be able to vote, but I know myself and I have to hunt for where I got that idea. But again if wrong, I'll fix it. Thank you for pointing it out regardless of the outcome.
Boston Native May 28, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Are we missing the point? Can you put a price on safety? With a Student Resourse Officer in the school, it is a deterent. It creates a safe enviorment to learn in. All over the world students have brought violence and drugs into the schools. With interaction between students and Police there is a build of trust and respect. Let the students learn to respect officers by positive engagement and not by what music and tv tells them to. Lets face it Tv and Social media is raising kids now and if you don't believe me think back to when you were a kid would you tell as teacher or police officer to "Go F.... Themselves"? or my favorite " I don't care my dad will pay this ticket" . I understand that you have been discussing the Teachers Contracts however your public safety departments took zeros across the board. If this program is so obsolete why are we one of the only towns in our market basket community without this program in place. $72,000 may seem like a lot of money but I think it is a better investment that another street sweeper or luxury town purchase.
Vincent DiRico May 28, 2012 at 02:14 AM
"the main goal of bringing back the position to the school was to build a positive relationship between teenagers and authority figures." nuts-ville! Aren't the teachers and administrators "authority figures"? If this school has this kind of $ to throw away then they are clearly over charging the towns. Also I see "the position would help in preventing possible criminal activity at the school" So is there something more at play here?
Local May 28, 2012 at 03:19 AM
Jesse, I can't find it, so I just emailed Bill and asked him. I'll let you know what I find out. Boston Native: Yes, you can put a price on safety. If your chances of being robbed are .00001% are you going to pay $100k a year for a body guard? It's a quantifiable risk, and drugs in Westford are pretty lows IMO. Bring in officers for surprise visits if drugs are your concern. Building a respect for authority figures is not the school's job imo.
Local May 28, 2012 at 03:31 PM
"And as much as some on here complain about the WEA, if the WEA was as agressive in fighting for members as most teacher unions in the area teachers would be working to rule indefinately and there would be greviences up the wazoo this year. This is a pretty soft/reasonable teacher union, the fact their negotiation team offered to take 0%, 0% and forgo year one step to the end of the year shows just how soft/reasonable they are." Franklin, I don't mind if you say it's me calling them soft. I'm the only one I've seen doing it. Soft isn't even the word I would use, It's just the only one I'm allowed to use on here. However, like I said before, they handled this every step of the way exactly as I would have. & they have shown the town that they are not unreasonable. THey are honoring a contract they are not being paid for, how can anyone call that unreasonable. "the fact their negotiation team offered to take 0%, 0% and forgo year one step to the end of the year shows just how soft/reasonable they are. " That's not what the S.C. or Board/Selectmen has put in print. They specifically stated teacher's would not accept anything that did not include two full year's steps which is untrue. They may get a good judge on a good day on a good phase of the moon, but that can get you in serious trouble, I've been there when fines r handed down to trillion dollar companies for this exact same thing but done in a more subtle, less public manner.
Local May 28, 2012 at 03:40 PM
My biggest question is, lets stipulate for a moment that it goes down like that I said above and the town get's fined for printing false information. Is anyone, I don't' care whose side you are one right now, Is anyone going to lash out at the B.O.S. or S.C.? Because if you don't' you are showing that you are unquestionably biased against teachers and don't care about the truth at all. Reallly you would be (hypothetically) showing that you don't mind being lied to or intentionally manipulated by your S.C. and B.O.S. You're silence would speak volumes (yes silence can speak) if you let them skate with that.


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