Poll: Coakley Holds Early Lead in Mass. Governor's Race

A WBUR survey shows the attorney general to have a 39-29 lead over Republican candidate Charlie Baker.

Attorney General Martha Coakley. Credit: Patch File Photo
Attorney General Martha Coakley. Credit: Patch File Photo
A new WBUR poll gives Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley the lead in the Massachusetts governor's race.

The poll, which surveyed 504 registered voters, shows Coakley currently has a 39-29 lead over Republican candidate Charlie Baker early in the race.

Coakley's lead is built mostly on support from women voters who have played a large role in recent elections across the state, according to WBUR.

The WBUR poll shows Coakley has a 17-point edge over Baker among women, while Baker leads among women in head-to-head matchups with four other Democratic candidates in the governor's race.

Baker currently has a 33-23 advantage over Treasurer Steve Grossman and holds leads of more than 20 points over candidates Juliette KayyemDonald Berwick and Joseph Avellone, according to the survey.

To read more, visit WBUR.com.
Chris Daley January 23, 2014 at 08:36 AM
Steve Grossman used to have the store I believe, a businessman who knows assets & liabilities-which means he's one of those Republicans! The lady will just raise your taxes on booze/ food to subsidize the deadbeats in the Dorchesters & Worcesters of this welfare state. Sorry but she ran a very MEAN campaign vs Scott Brown- who later lost to granny from Oklahoma and her high-falootin' Harvard job. All these people are just urban-suburban city people who know nothing about state parks, wildlife, energy, fishing industry, the arts and a quality of life I want. But spend more money for new 128 interchanges, over-priced schools, skyscrapers in Boston,the rusty old T and suburban strip malls- just more of the same.


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