Panera Loses Northern Sign, Gets Logo on Awnings

The issue was separate, yet conjoined with a larger sign debate earlier in the evening.

While the debate on signage at the entranceways of Cornerstone Square had to be postponed by the Planning Board, the debate reverberated into a later agenda item on signs for Panera Bread, reducing their number of signs they received from three to two.

This came despite the fact that Westford town planner Chris Kluchman indicated to the board that the freestanding entranceway debate couldn’t be attached to the following discussion relating to signs requested by Panera.

If the entranceway signs had been approved, the third sign on the northern wall of the building would have been meaningless, allowing larger signs on the eastern and southern parts of the building.

In the end, the board approved the application based on the elimination of the northern sign and the reduction of the southern and eastern signs to 55.5 square feet.

Another motion was made on Panera allowing the use of their “wheat” logo on awnings outside the building, despite the fact that the logos would turn the awnings into signs, which would normally reduce the allowable size of the other signs.

Both Panera motions were passed 4-1-0, with Planning Board member Kate Hollister in opposition on both votes.

A request was also made by the board for Panera to obtain LED lightbulbs that would limit the amount of brightness emitted.

While Panera will be required to turn off all external lights 30 minutes after they close, some limited lights will be kept on within the building for safety reasons due to baking occurring throughout the night.


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