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Noise Complaints at the Franco Presented to Selectmen

Over three dozen complaints from a neighbor were a topic of discussion on Tuesday night.

Frequently reported disturbances of the peace brought representatives of the before the Board of Selectmen on Tuesday.

Westford Police safety officer Michael Croteau told the board that police officers had been to the function hall on West Prescott Street 10 times over the past year and 46 times over the past eight years due to noise complaints and other disturbances, although many calls proved to be false alarms according to his testimony.

In particular, the matter came before the board after an incident on May 13 where the club had music emanating out open doors and windows, despite new policies put forward by the club to close all windows and doors after 9 p.m.

Franco-American Club spokesperson Richie Crocker told the board that the doors and windows were not intentionally left open in this case, and that nearly all of the calls mentioned by Croteau were from one particular neighbor who has been upset with the Franco for nearly three decades, citing other neighbors had no particular issue with the club’s noise level.

Crocker also noted new additions such as landscaping on 225, and a six-foot wooden fence over a portion of the parking lot that was geared toward reducing noise to neighbors as well, with an additional six-foot wooden fence to be installed between the club and the upset neighbor.

The Selectmen decided that no current action was needed and requested that the club build the new fence between itself and the upset neighbor as quickly as possible.  

Mike June 15, 2012 at 05:51 PM
I think Craig's point might be that there's a distinction between a true nuisance and a pre-existing business or community entity where a a reasonably elevated amount of noise and traffic is to be expected (school, community hall, town common, gun range). But 10 noise calls in a year is a fair amount; I wonder if they're all made by the same person....
Sam June 15, 2012 at 06:28 PM
All of which does not apply when he refers to the PCA and the FPCU rental hall. Both of which are fairly recent business additions that are being allowed to run on residential lots. I wonder why? As for the Common events, I have not heard any complaints about the Strawberry Festival, parades etc. Now if you wnat to throw in another business like the FM that is being allowed to operate unsafely on town property that is another issue. I believe it says the complaints for the Franco are mainly from one neighbor. If Craig's neighbor were to start running a business out of their home that infringed on his loving way of life, I am certain his opinion would change.
Westfordgirl June 15, 2012 at 08:59 PM
I know most of the members of the Board of Directors of the Franco American Club personally and am also a member so I can say that all of the complaints are by the same individual. Unfortunately this individual does have a grudge against the club and will call and complain for any tiny noise. She has even gone as far to call the police when the bus arrives for the Senior Center trip to Atlantic City, since we all know that 30 women between the ages of 30-80yrs make tons of noise and have a party at 6:00am. Also it should be noted in the article that the club has tried on numerous occasions to settle the dispute with this individual, even going as far as to make an offer to purchase her home when it was on the market. This individual did not accept this offer or any others and has since added a clause to her home sale that anyone associated with the club can not buy her house. I and I am sure most of the members would love to not have these problem and we have tried everything to solve these problems, but the neighbor has to realize she purchased her home with the Franco being right there and that noise would be coming from the club and some times its better to speak to people herself instead of calling the police every day.
lily June 16, 2012 at 03:32 PM
The Franco has ALWAYS had a function hall. And the point is, the Franco was there when this neighbor moved in, it's not like it blossomed over night to everyone's surprise.
Sam June 16, 2012 at 05:15 PM
I get that. Craig was the one comparing it to the illegal doings in the common.


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