Massachusetts' Most and Least Taxed Municipalities: Did Westford Make The List?

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue just released their latest figures, what they they found could surprise you.

As 2013 begins, property tax rates are increasing for residents across Massachusetts, and they will be in Westford as well, with residential property tax rates rising from $15.55 to $16.13 per thousand dollars of appraised value and commercial and industrial rates rising from $15.79 to $16.38.

Statewide, the average residential rate was $14.38, the average commercial rate was $17.94 and the average industrial rate was $17.69.

Compared to other 334 communities in the Commonwealth with set tax rates for the 2013 Fiscal Year, Westford had the 229th lowest residential rate, the 165th lowest commercial rate and the 167th lowest industrial rate.

Here's how the towns adjacent to Westford as well as the communities on the list with the highest and lowest rates. (NOTE: We've checked the five lowest industrial rates among communities that have industrial rates. Six communities have no industrial property taxes)

Lowest Residential Rates

Alford 4.35 Tyringham 6.00 Truro 6.02 Orleans 6.10 Wellfleet 6.41

Highest Residential Rates

Longmeadow 21.54 Bolton 20.96 Greenfield 20.72 Sharon 20.45 Amherst 20.39

Lowest Commercial Rates


Chilmark 2.29 Hancock 2.84 Edgartown 3.55 Aquinnah 4.32 Alford 4.35

Highest Commercial Rates


Everett 43.04 Framingham 39.98 Holyoke 39.97 Swampscott 35.02 Holbrook 34.96

Lowest Industrial Rates


Chilmark 2.29 Hancock 2.84 Edgartown 3.55 Alford 4.35 West Tisbury 5.26

Highest Industrial Rates


Everett 43.04 Framingham 39.98 Holyoke 39.97 Swampscott 35.02 Holbrook 34.96



Name Residential Commercial Industrial Littleton 16.98 27.23 27.23 Acton 19.10 19.10 19.10 Chelmsford 17.95 17.95 17.95 Carlisle 17.68 17.68 17.68 Groton 16.85 16.85 16.85 Tyngsborough 16.19 16.19 16.19
Mike January 08, 2013 at 05:03 PM
I find it funny how the usual cast of malcontents who always grumble about taxes in Westford are apparently struck silent by these facts....
Chuck D January 08, 2013 at 07:10 PM
Rates alone are not a great measure of comparison. No one complains about the rate, they complain about the dollars.
Mike January 08, 2013 at 08:34 PM
Chuck, I don't believe that's quite accurate. The rates are comparing the amount taxed per $1,000 of valuation (also called the millage rate) and it allows a fairly apple-to-apples comparison. A house valued at $100,000 in Chelmsford is taxed at a higher rate than a $100,000 house in Westford. Period. The valuations are set by the BOA but are generally in line with market values, or lag behind because of the gap in assessing property.
Madvark January 09, 2013 at 10:58 AM
Yea, Westford residents have been cheap in that we demand top tier DCL schools but refuse to pay to fund them properly. Instead we like (can you blame us) paying for hamburger and getting Porterhouse? Superintendent Olsen has been saying for years this is going to come back and start to bite us and I feel last year's turmoil was just the beginning. I have heard through the grapevine that SCChair Harkness plans the same tactics when negotiations start again next year (skip/delay step, no cost of living increase like other towns, play the can't give you what the town doesn't have card)
Vincent DiRico January 10, 2013 at 12:50 AM
Mr Aardvark, $8400 in property taxes, cheap?
Chung Tatum January 10, 2013 at 09:25 AM
Generally speaking the majority of residents who can afford to live in $600k+ McMansions can afford the appropriate taxes ,which as the data shows is lower than our neighbors. No 8400 isn't cheap but the RATE is, time for a prop 2.5 override OR some school cuts (not additions!) I could see the financial logic in either. Maybe Mitt Romney can be our business director since the Presidential bid momentum turned sour?
Vincent DiRico January 10, 2013 at 12:23 PM
Mr Chung King, You spoke with the true liberal wackiness everyone expects from most residents in this liberal wacko state (all while hiding behind a fake name). You wouldn't know a McMansion if you saw one, mine isn't, it is just overvalued to extract more blood and treasure from me. 2,5 override -> I DOUBT it!


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