I Can't Drive 55 (Unless Otherwise Stated)

On today's Superagenda, we tackle speed limits, the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and more from Monday's School Committee meeting.

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#1. Local Government Meetings Today: There was a Board of Water Commissioners meeting today, but that was cancelled, leaving only an all-boards meeting at the J.V Fletcher Library regarding the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail.

#2. Today on Beacon Hill: As of press time, there are no scheduled meetings or hearings today at the State House.

#3.  Local Law of the Day: Today we look at the general guidelines for speed limits in the Commonwealth.

While the state, towns and cities are able to make their own speed limits as they deem fit following a traffic study, in situations where no specific speed limit is set, implied general prima facie guidelines are as follows…

  • 55 miles per hour… “If a motor vehicle is operated on a divided highway outside a thickly settled or business district,” for a distance of a quarter of a mile without a stated limit.
  • 40 miles per hour… “On any other way outside a thickly settled or business district,” for any distance of a quarter of a mile without a stated limit.
  • 30 miles an hour… “inside a thickly settled or business district,” for any distance of an one-eighth of a mile without a stated limit.
  • 20 miles an hour inside a school zone.
  • 15 miles an hour “within one-tenth of a mile of a vehicle used in hawking or peddling merchandise and which displays flashing amber lights.”

Also, motorists are expected to lower their speed to a rate that is “reasonable and proper” in hazardous conditions or near pedestrians, and no one driving a school bus carrying children can go faster than 40 miles per hour, except on a limited access highway.

#4. Follow Up: In other news from Monday’s , members agreed that from here on, there will be regular monthly reports to the public from here on following the recent

#5. A Week From Today: On September 7, the Board of Water Commissioners are scheduled to meet at 5 p.m, followed by the Northern Middlesex Council of Governments (6:00 p.m.) and the Conservation Commission (7:30 p.m.)

Chris Daley July 28, 2012 at 12:26 PM
Attention all you "hot rods", ex-Mass. NH. commuters, hurried nervous upper crust elitistist types and Bud Light-Reeses peanut butter candy wrappers litterbugs: HILDRETH ST. IS NOT A DIVIDED HIGHWAY. It is NOT outside a thickly settled area which I remind you the speed limit remains 30 please. Respect me at my mail box, women jogging/walking out here! The trees, poles and curves are very unforgiving too. By the way, the local contractors, motorcyclists seem to be the most consistently respectful in the neighborhood.


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