How Much Has Westford Spent on Snow Removal So Far This Winter?

The town has spent more than it has allocated, but that's become a common practice in town.

Plows inside the Highway Department garage
Plows inside the Highway Department garage
The Winter of '13-'14 has seen some fair sized storms in Westford, but the town's snow removal budget isn't expected to break any records.

According to Westford town budget director Dan O'Donnell, as of the first week of January 2014, the town has spent $373,789 on snow removal, over the allocated $350,345. 

The expected amount for snow removal this winter is $750,345; up from last year's $720,389.15 

Since the 2003 fiscal year, the town has exceeded its allocated budget every year, peaking at over $1 million in 2008. 

Under Massachusetts state law, this is the only area where municipalities can deficit spend if they obtain approval from a Finance Committee and a town manager, and as long as the Board of Assessors includes the expenditures into calculations for the tax rate. 


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