Phone Scam Portrays Bedford 'First Responders'

Bedford Fire Department warns of ongoing scam.

Telemarketers identifying themselves as the "First Responders of Bedford" have reportedly been making calls to Bedford residents in recent days claiming to raise funds for the town's public safety departments.

A skeptical resident who received one such call contacted Bedford Fire officials to confirm the telemarketer was, in fact, associated with department.

She reported that the telemarketer became agitated when questioned, according to a statement from Bedford firefighter and EMT, Thomas F. Green.

"As the President of the Bedford Firefighters Association, I can confirm that we do no phone calls soliciting the residents of Bedford," said Green. "As the President of the Professional firefighters of Bedford, President Jon Snow advises that they do no phone solicitations in Bedford as well.

"Any and all contributions for the Bedford Firefighters Association are generated through individual and corporate donations through letters generated by our treasurer and our fundraising events of our Annual Firemen's Ball and our Toll Boot Drive," added Green.

In addition, the Bedford Professional Firefighters Association raises funds through its annual golf tournament.

The Professional Firefighters of New Hampshire (PFFNH) conducts some donation-raising phone efforts, but Green says Bedford FD is always notified ahead of time and noted that PFFNH representatives always identify themselves accordingly.

Furthermore, The Bedford Police Union also confirmed that they are not making any phone call fundraising solicitations at this time.

Any resident who receives such a phone call is encouraged to contact the fire department at 472-3219.

Michael Dwells January 17, 2013 at 11:38 AM
I don't trust solicitation calls anymore. As much as it would be nice to share what I have, I read about scammers taking advantage of solicitation calls and getting their victim's financial information for their own personal gain. So I don't give to these callers anymore. And I've been saved several times by my skepticism. There were instances when I Google the caller's phone number and most of the time, the phone numbers came up at http://www.callercenter.com and reported for scam.
Ellen Bostwick January 17, 2013 at 03:29 PM
Our caller ID registered our call as Private Caller. I asked where they were based and the gentleman (slick) said Epping but they included all First Responders, even Bedford. I told him I would visit the Safety Complex for further info and he hung up. If I do not initiate the call, I always refuse to donate. I only answer the call in the event someone is checking to see if anyone is home.
Ryan O'Connor January 17, 2013 at 03:39 PM
Good advice, Ellen.


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