Police Cite Westford Driver in Concord Pedestrian Crash

The 20-month-old victim suffered a broken pelvis.

Concord Police have confirmed that the 76-year-old driver in has been cited for Operating to Endanger.

The driver, Carol Daniele of Westford, was heading to a dialysis appointment when her 1999 Toyota Camry at the corner of Wintrhop and Commonwealth in West Concord before coming to a stop at a nearby tool shed.

Town Manager Chris Whelan reported tonight that the 20 month old struck in the accident remains at Children’s Hospital Boston where he is being treated for a broken pelvis.

The 39-year-old woman, Laura Labriola of Concord, and her son have been treated and released from

The exact cause of the accident remains under investigation.

UPDATE 3:39 P.M - Concord Police have confirmed the name of the driver.

Kathleen Spaeth February 07, 2012 at 03:47 PM
Andrew, why was the name of the Victim, the Mother: Laura Labriola, given in this horrible and tragic accident and not the name of the 76-year old Driver (that has now been cited for Operating to Endanger which is a serious charge)? I would think that you would have wanted to protect the name and privacy of the Victim (and her two underage children), who were innocently walking when they were struck, and not the Driver right? All I can wonder is that something tragic must have happened to the Driver, at the age of 76-years old, that they would have not seen the Victim and her two underage children (one being pushed in a stroller)? I also have to wonder why this 76-year old Driver was driving all alone, at their age, to a Dialysis Appointment? I would have hoped that a family member might have accompanied them on these appointments? My heart (and prayers) go out to Laura Labriloa and her two children (especially her 20-month old son that is now recovering from a, very serious and painful, broken pelvis). He has a long (and painful) road to a full recovery to go!
Andrew Sylvia February 07, 2012 at 06:58 PM
Hi Kathleen, I'll check with the Concord Patch editor to see why the name of the driver wasn't released, they ran the story first. If they can get a name of the driver, I'll add that as an update.
Diane Mayne February 12, 2012 at 05:08 PM
I'm searching for an accident from July or 1973...My dad was involved in a bad tractor trailer accident & walked away..I believe it said "spectacular accident". July 1973 on RT 93 North near Summerville exit. He drove for First National..His name is Clive Williams from Pembroke MA. if you have any news footage or pictures, reports etc. I would love to get them for him. Thank you, Diane Mayne My E-mail is.....dmayne04@yahoo.com


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