Neighbor Calls Westford Resident "A Wuss" After Dispute Sparked By Pictures of Septic System

The following information was supplied by the Westford Police Department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction. More detailed reports may be delayed due to extenuating circumstances.

Dec. 9, 10:15 a.m. – A woman reported continuing threats from her step-brother, who had been fired in June from her husband’s flooring company for alleged incompetence, insubordinance and a lack of insurance required for the job.

The company name was not specified in the report.

After that termination, the man began to threaten physical harm and property damage to the husband and woman via phone calls, text messages and voicemail messages.

The woman alleged the stepbrother had a criminal history, anger management issues, abused prescription pain killers, steroids, marijuana and was also a retired mixed martial arts fighter.

At this point, the woman showed the messages, which were described as “threatening, menacing, vulgar, profanity laced tirades.”

She did not want to immediately pursue criminal charges for fear of escalation, but wanted the messages documented.

At this point, the officer she was talking to advised the woman of her 209a rights, with a restraining order filed the next day.

On Dec. 17, the officer followed up with the woman and her husband, who said that the step-brother had not contacted either of them since the report was filed.

Dec. 10, 3:25 p.m. – One resident called police after a reported dispute with a neighbor.

Both the resident and her neighbor said that they were having septic system issues, and that they were working with the Board of Health to correct the issue, adding that the issue began when a new condominium unit was built next door.

That day, another neighbor started taking pictures of the affected area, leading to an argument the resident telling the neighbor it wasn’t necessary since the Board of Health had already taken pictures.

This escalated a confrontation, ending in the neighbor calling the resident, who was reported as an elderly woman smaller than the male neighbor, as a “wuss.”

She also told police that she has hearing issues, which causes her to talk loudly, and that the neighbor may have a grudge because he called Animal Control over the neighbor’s dog barking in the mornings earlier in the year.

Police broke up the fight, no arrests or actions were taken on the scene by police. 


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