Disabled Vehicle Leaks Fuel Into Boston Road Catch Basin

Rain caused the gasoline to run into catch basins, making cleanup slightly more difficult.

Firefighters stopped the spill from impacting the environment.
Firefighters stopped the spill from impacting the environment.
At least 10 gallons of fuel spilled onto Boston Road on Sunday afternoon, but firefighters were able to stop the leak from becoming a bigger problem.

Westford Fire Captain David O'Keefe said that a disabled Jeep Grand Cherokee spilled an undetermined amount of fuel in front of 23 Boston Road. O'Keefe estimated that the amount of gasoline was at least 10 gallons.

While firefighters were on scene, a steady rain began falling, which caused the gas to start running into a nearby catch basin.

To prevent further problems, firefighters went to a catch basin at 44 Boston Road and put in pads and booms to catch the fuel.

Members of the Highway Department and Board of Health came to the scene to oversee the cleanup. O'Keefe said the Fire Department was in touch with the Department of Environmental Protection via telephone, and the group approved of the action taken.

In total, O'Keefe said firefighters spend a little over an hour on the cleanup.


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