[POLL] Westford's Best Pizza: The Quarterfinals

We're eliminated two of Westford's pizza restaurants in our tournament to find the best pizza in Westford, and you will decide the winners.

The preliminary round is over and we're down to eight pizza places (sorry Sandrino's and British Beer Company) fighting to stay alive in the quest for the title of Westford's Best Pizza.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are the judges, we present you with the four quarterfinal matchups...

(#1) DiNapoli Pizzeria vs. (#8) Domino's

Littleton Road takes on Groton Road in this clash. Domino's made a comeback despite not having power in their plaza during the first day or two of the poll, but can they defeat a restaurant that someone described as "?" (albeit, in Portuguese...)

(#2) Westford House of Pizza vs. (#7) Nashoba Pizza

When we went around telling local pizza owners about this contest, the cashier at Nashoba Pizza thought it could come down to Nashoba and Westford House of Pizza on Main Street. She was half right?

Who is better in this pseudo-surrogate showdown between and ?

(#3) Silver Palate Pizza vs. (#6) Papa Ginos

The Mom and Pop in Nabnasset takes on the New England chain in the third contest.

(#4) The Willows vs. (#5) Pizzeria Presti

It's Nabnasset versus Forge Village in this faceoff for neighborhood bragging rights.

It's up to you, Westford! After 5 p.m. on Nov. 16, four pizza places will remain standing in the hunt for our title of the best pizza in Westford.

And pizza fans, don't forget to submit your photos and videos to help campaign for the restaurants that you think should advance to the semi-finals.


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