LETTER: Farmers' Market Wants to Thank Eric's

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Dear Editor,

Sustainable Westford would like to thank the many who came and supported our Winter Farmers Market at this past season.  It was off to a slow start and we had some bumps and bruises easing into this new venue.  

There was a learning curve working together, it is not every day that a business opens its doors wide open for a non profit to promote its mission.  We all learned much from this experience from the Market Managers, vendors and Eric's staff and in the end it started to prove itself.    

Maybe with a little luck our farmers can earn enough to build a few greenhouses to carry them and the community thru the next winter season.  Let's hope and continue to support  our local hard working farmers.

Thanks to all the volunteers and to the Westford Academy Team, a truly inspirational group of students who I have had the joy to witness their growth and take on some of the responsibilities of our market.  

Our biggest shout out goes to Tom Goddard, the owner of Eric's Garden Center for providing the venue and willingness to contribute to the cause.   Thank you all for the opportunity to help our community.


- Gloria Gilbert

Kathleen Spaeth May 16, 2012 at 06:10 PM
To bad Tom Goddard, the Owner of Eric's Garden Center, doesn't more closely screen, select, and train his part-time teenage workers to make certain that they are taught how to treat the Westford Farmer's Market customers (and vendors) with some courtesy and politeness. Perhaps this is why the "experiment" took so long to "prove its self"? Personally, if you decide to go back to Eric's next Winter I won't be attending. I will instead seek out another Winter Farmer's Market, like the Chelmsford Agway, instead. I will not pay my hard-earned money to be treated rudely by anyone! I also don't like to be treated like I am a distraction and an "interruption" from a teenager's "socializing" when they are suppose to be working (and I am literally holding out my money and trying to give it to them)!!


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