In With The New

The New Year is a great time to make some positive changes.

The New Year can be a time to break old (bad) habits and start new (better) ones.  In January things slow down a bit.  It is getting colder and darker earlier.  In New England we tend to hibernate at this time of year.  Great time to look inward and challenge yourself. 

So I challenge you to take on one more green action.  It can be a habit you want to start, like bringing your reusable grocery bags all the time, or one to break, like your dependence on disposable water bottles.  Or a one-time action such as scheduling an energy audit on your home.  Pick something that interests you – saving money, reducing aggravation, being healthier.  Studies show that it takes about 3 weeks to make or break a habit, so give yourself some time.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

Recycle All You Can Curbside 

.  Try adding another recycle bin around the house to make it easier.  Or get a larger bin from the Westford Recycling Commission.

Recycle One More Thing On A Regular Basis

There are other items that.  If you opted for a real tree this Christmas,  this weekend.  Granola bars, #2 or #4 plastic, and cosmetic containers are just a few examples.

Go Electronic 

Pay bills and/or get them electronically to save the stamp and paper.  I really find that this alieviates some stress and saves you time as well.

Reduce Your Junk Mail

I can’t stand junk mail.  It is such a waste of time.  Take .  Then.

Use Reusable Bags

This one is really simple, but will take a while to remember religiously.  It took me almost a year.  But it happened!  Start slowly.  First, try refusing a bag when you don’t need one, “Oh I don’t need a bag for that, thanks.”  Then move on to remembering to bring your bags to the grocery store.  After that, try bringing them to other stores or the mall.  Once you are hooked it really makes things so much easier!  I could not live without my reusable bags now.  This has taken a few years though, so hang in there.   

Add More Reusables

Do you already bring your grocery bags? Try produce bags, water bottles, coffee mugs, lunch bags, food storage containers for home or lunch or other reusables to replace one single use item.  

Replace One Cleaning Product with a Non-Toxic One

Next time you need to replace a cleaner, look for simple homemade recipes or Good Guide for a store bought option.  I have seen many at Market Basket.  Makingyour own can save you money.

Get an Energy Audit

You are eligible for a through National Grid.  You will get free CFLs and may qualify for air sealing or additional insulation.


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