Balance and Perspective

Happy Fourth, Independence Day. Freedom of speech? I'm FOR buffer zone re protestors and demonstrations, because in your face=disturbing peace. I'm against protestors in doorway or occupying businesses/gov't. bldgs. Burning the flag for me is NOT freedom of speech, anymore than tagging a bldg. w spray paint, because it IS destructive both of a material nature and a sacred trusted symbol or idea. Inflammatory speech/ verbal threats crosses the line. Self-expression that harms our national security such as hiding in Russia after publically disclosing NSA intelligence procedures is no longer free speech=sedition, incitement to lawful authority. Adult alternative sexual freedom and cussing, objectionable to some, still free expression in a free society. Movies, music, art, literature, the press, social media all are protected by our heritage of, by and for the people. The law, politicians and gov'ts. really work for us in this great birthday of our nation! Just some thoughts.
Chris Daley July 02, 2014 at 10:27 PM
For clarification I'm defining sexual freedom between consenting adults, not the exploitive craziness in the news of late. I cannot believe what I hear on TV. If it's not against the law it's freedom.


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