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Forge Village Contrasts With Other Parts of Town in Home Age, Vacancies

Here's a look at some of our map-focused articles last week.

It's been another week, and more looks at geographical data telling the story of Westford in our Newscruncher series.

Here's a few of the stories from the series from this week, in case you missed them. 

Westford's Oldest Homes On Average Are In Forge Village

Forge Village has almost six times as many homes built prior to World War II.

Outside of Nabnasset and Forge Village, There Are No Empty Homes In Westford

There are plenty in southern Groton and Lowell, but in Westford, you need to look at the northern part of town. 

There Are No Vacant Rental Units in Westford

But there are a ton in Lowell and almost one in four rentals are empty in southern Littleton. 


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