Supports Kelly Ross

Kelly Ross. Credit: Patch
Kelly Ross. Credit: Patch

To Westford Residents:

The re-election of Kelly Ross to Westford’s Board of Selectmen in the May election will provide Westford residents with three more years of fair, thoughtful and calm leadership.  

I first met Kelly many years ago when he approached the Finance Committee at Town Meeting to volunteer in the effort to make the Town Meeting warrant booklet more user-friendly.   His appointment to the Finance Committee followed soon after, leading a few years later to his first run for the Board of Selectmen.  Kelly subsequently held leadership positions on each board. 

Kelly’s knowledge of Westford’s financial picture made him a strong advocate for new cost-saving measures as well as contract settlements and re-organizations which retained service levels and jobs.    He understood that in order to maintain valued Town services, new methods of funding and management were needed. 

Terms on the Finance and School Committees gave me a unique view of Kelly’s willingness to seek compromise on difficult and contentious issues while demonstrating respect for each side.   His ability to keep an open mind on any issue is respected by his peers as well as other town board members and employees.  

I am proud to be supporting Kelly Ross for another term on the Board of Selectmen and ask that you consider casting your ballot for him at the May 6, 2014 Town Election. 


Judith Culver, Stone Ridge Road

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Steven Sadowski April 09, 2014 at 10:30 AM
Cori: With all due respect, there are certain things that do not require exposition and analysis. I like Kelly, he has been a good facilitator of discussion and input, but sometimes being a person that acquiesces to a forum ends up disappointing segments of the minority and angers the majority for the sake of debate for debate's sake. Sometimes it requires leadership to nip things in the bud before they get blown up and require a mobilization of the citizens to overwhelm a vocal minority. If the people don't like the choices a particular leader makes, they can vote out said leader, and find one more in line with their principles. If they do they can renew their tenure, but I really don't know who Kelly is at his core....is he liberal, or conservative, right or left, progressive or constitutionalist? Some would say this is a strength that we don't know, that he allows for a robust exposition before making a decision, but if it were me on the BoS, and one of the members prosed an warrant that threatened any one of our Constitutional Rights, I would vote "no," immediately and do everything I could to squash that warrant right there in that room, and if I was outvoted, I would immediately go to the press, Pro2A, WSC to get the word out.
Sam April 09, 2014 at 10:36 AM
SS: On this we agree
Cori Ryan April 09, 2014 at 11:36 AM
Fortunately you have the luxury of a good understanding of firearms that not all people have. Some people have to ask questions before they understand it. I get that some people are not ok with that. I have to admit that if something came up that involved football, I'd be clueless and everyone would be frustrated with me for not knowing the obvious. I know this because I had a boss that got mad because I thought a punt was a good thing. (It's not, but I thought kicking was a good thing).
Vincent DiRico April 09, 2014 at 12:19 PM
Thanks for the reminder Cori. That was all very reasonable and the guilty party was shown the door. ---> WI in addition to that I am sure it will pain you to recall these other gems: blowing the size/impact of the FF award out of proportion, the SC sub-committee / investigation into no exemplary ratings, ...
Steven Sadowski April 09, 2014 at 01:08 PM
Cori: I don't think one needs to be---or needed to be---knowledgeable about firearms in order to have been opposed to Article 30. Outside of the hunting courses I've taken and gun courses that were required for me to get my Class A, I'm not an expert in gun laws. The gentlemen you serve with on the Hunting Committee are experts in firearms. And I know many many people who were opposed to Article 30 that did not even own a gun. The problem with Article 30 was that it exposed the town to a potential lawsuit (from GOAL) that would've costed the town big $. So even if you hate guns and want to see them restricted, there are ways to do it without exposing the town to lawsuits (playing Devil's Advocate there).............Recently, the WPD accepted a K9 mounted camera from a charity. I was very concerned that this could expose the town to a lawsuit from the ACLU if proper warrants were not issued prior to deployment. To Kelly's credit he addressed my concerns and read my objections at the BoS meeting, he had town counsel assess our legal liability, which was determined to be ambiguous. I requested and had hoped for a procedures brief requested by the BoS to the Chief and drafted to inoculate the town from a rogue situation. Instead, there was just lots of discussion and promises that such a rogue situation could not be possible, and to this day, to my knowledge, the town maintains an exposure to a lawsuit if one of our officers violates the 4th Amendment with that camera. And this is what I'm talking about. Sometimes you don't need an exposition, a need to run to legal for clarity, you just need a core set of principles that allow you to make decisions right there on the floor---and again---if the people don't like your decisions, then they vote you out, but at least grow a pair and make the call. But that's just me. I prefer decisive leadership and for all the cards to be on the table. I know others prefer a more deliberative approach to politics.


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