What's The Speed Limit Near The Jack Walsh Field?

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Awhile back we got a question from a reader asking how fast the speed limit was in that stretch of Carlisle Road between the Jack Walsh ballfields and the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail, close to the proposed fire station.

While there are signs saying it's 30 miles per hour up at the corner Powers and Concord and Old Lowell and Carlisle, when Concord and Carlisle merge into one road near Jack Walsh, the only sign nearby is one saying "slow." (pictured)

We searched and we searched for the speed limit on that stretch of road, but it was right under our nose .

Just like nearby, the speed limit down that road is 30, because if it doesn't say otherwise, on a road like that in Massachusetts, it'll probably be 30 under state law.

Martin Luther February 25, 2013 at 08:33 PM
The area around Jack Walsh field does not meet the "Thickly Settled" requirement and the RT 225 road segment speed limit is 40 mph.


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