Five Things for Today in Westford: Oct. 12

From Nabnasset to Forge Village, here are your Five Things for today in Westford.


#1. Bear Map Update: We've got a few more entries on the 2012 Westford Bear Map. Please keep on uploading photos and sharing your bear spottings, we'll try to update the map itself every week.

Also check out the Westford Police Department page for more bear related information.

#2. On Saturday: There's a moving sale on Graniteville Road.

#3. Today's Picture Day... at the Abbot School.

#4. The American Cancer Society... will be holding an interest meeting at the library next week

#5. Pictured: It's pumpkin time at the Fat Moon Farm! Elizabeth Almeida donated this picture of the pumpkins down there into the Pics and Clips Gallery.


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