Westford Knight Expert Returns With New Novel

Westford's David Brody is back with "Thief on the Cross: Templar Secrets in America," a non-sequel follow-up to his last book combing the local historical legend of the Westford Knight with "DaVinci Code-like" fiction.

Westford’s answer to the DaVinci Code is back.

Local author David Brody was on hand to sign copies of his new book, “Thief on the Cross: Templar Secrets in America,” last weekend at Willow Books in Acton.

Brody has gained a reputation as one of the premiere authorities on the Westford Knight, a legend detailing an alleged Knights Templar settlement near Stony Brook in Westford in the centuries preceding the voyage of Columbus.

While Brody says that “Thief” isn’t a direct sequel to his first Westford Knight related novel, “,” it is still something of a follow up to the Boston Globe best seller in terms of combining historical evidence and theory in the context of a fictional plot.

Expectations for the novel were high for long time fans of the genre in attendance at the signing such as Pepperell resident Michelle Gaudette, who gained interest in Brody’s work after reading similar novels like Scott Wolter’s “The Hooked X.”

“I just ran across the book in another store, and I’m very interested in local authors,” said Gaudette. “The subject’s very intriguing, because even though it’s a novel, basically once you get into it, the book talks about interesting topics about Pre-Columbus North America.”

Others on hand like Chelmsford resident Miken Bean aren’t familiar with Brody’s work, but were interested in taking a look.

“I saw this display over here as I walked in that David Brody was giving a talk,” said Bean.  “It’s really interesting how he takes real artifacts as the basis for a story.”

The book marks Brody’s fifth book overall, following Cabal and three earlier legal thrillers, with a third Knights Templar related book in the works along with an expected appearance on a documentary about the Knights on the History Channel later this year.


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