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Sugar Cupcake Shoppe Seeks New Home in Chelmsford

The business shut its doors on Littleton Road earlier this month in advance of a move to the former site of the Tango Grill in Chelmsford Center.


There's some good news and bad news for Westford cupcake aficionados.

The bad news? Westford has lost its only permanent brick-and-mortar cupcake store. The good news? It's only moving a few miles away.

Sugar Cupcake Shoppe will be moving to the former home of the Tango Grill in Chelmsford within the next few weeks, hopefully by the end of October.

the store sparked a frenzy of cupcake related home businesses throughout Westford over the next few months.

However, the lack of space within the store's now former location on Littleton Road limited the possibility of baking cakes or offering more extensive drink offerings, stifling profitability.

"I was at the point of (choosing) either grow or close," said Sugar Cupcake Shoppe owner Kate Kelly.

While Kelly, a Westford native, sought other locations within town to reestablish her business, the lack of suitable storefronts added to what she saw as overbearing regulations made that goal impossible.

Kelly's search stumbled upon the now former Tango Grill location almost by accident, and the location's larger size and room for seating was only aided by the fact that she estimates even now over half of her customers reside in Chelmsford.

"I think there will be alot more opportunity and I think we'll see alot more people," said Kelly. "Chelmsford seems to like to support small business, so I think it will be good."

Although Kelly has heard concerns about signage regulations and extensive traffic that harmed the Tango Grill while it was in existence, she still sees it as an improvement.

"If (the cars) are too stacked up, I think they'll see it and come in another time," she said.

More information on the Sugar Cupcake Shoppe is available on its website.


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