Patch Picks: Where To Watch The B's In Westford

Game Seven's tomorrow night. Here's five places in town to watch the game.

With the Boston Bruins homing in on the Stanley Cup, here are our five Patch Picks for places in Westford to watch tomorrow night’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.  

#1. Westford Grille: You might know them for their Monday quiz nights or their home cooked cuisine, but their lounge can be a fun local atmosphere for watching the big game.

#2. British Beer Company: It is “Lord” Stanley’s Cup after all. Plenty of live music too.

#3. The 99 Restaurant: A good option if you’re closer to Littleton. It’s a chain, but it’s a Massachusetts chain, headquartered in Woburn. Local pride is good mojo for the B’s.

#4. Karma: They’re generally known for their pan-Asian cuisine, but they’ve got a fully stocked bar and a set of big screens.

#5.  Chili’s:  Sure, they’re not really any different than any other Chili’s anywhere, but they’re close by, have great appetizers and the game’s on, which ultimately is all that really matters. 


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