Nearly $4.5 Million of Stock in Westford Company Sold in January

William Rainville, listed as a director with the Technology Park Drive-based Kadant Inc., sold 200,000 shares of the company's stock during two transactions in January according to SEC filings.

According to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing, William Rainville of Technology Park Drive's Kadant Inc. has sold 200,000 shares of his stock in the company during the past month.

The total value of the stocks in the transaction were worth $4,457,500.

Rainville, listed as a director at the company, sold 25,000 shares on Jan.10 followed by another 125,000 a day later.

Approximately 30,000 shares were also sold by Kadant executives over the past six months according to SEC information.

More information on Kadant is available on their website.


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