Dining Around The World

There are a variety of ethnic restaurants inside Westford

If you're looking to take your tastebuds on a trip around the world, here's a list of some places where you can go right here in Westford. 


Asian Cuisine

  • - Located in the Westford Valley Marketplace, Karma offers Chinese, Japanese and Thai dishes as well as an assortment of alcoholic beverages at their bar. 
  • - A part of a chain with half a dozen locations across Massachusetts, Bamboo offers high end Japanese and Chinese delicacies.
  • - Located just off Route 3 on Groton Road near the Chelmsford and Tyngsboro lines, Ginger Tree provides Chinese take out service.


  • British Beer Company - To be fair, the BBC is to British food what Outback Steakhouse is to Australian food. Then again, they do have several purely British items on the menu, and the atmosphere of this pan-Massachusetts chain will definitely make you feel as though you were in a pub across the pond. 
  • - Located at the corner of Powers and Littleton Road, Belle's offers a host of Italian and Cajun dishes in addition to their reimagined American fare. 
  • - Located across from the /Net Scout building on Littleton Road, the Metropolitan Deli specializes in a variety of New York style delicatessen offerings. 



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