Cornerstone Package Store Adjusting After Year Delay For Opening

It took a year longer than expected to open, but staff at Westford Wine and Spirits at Cornerstone Square believe they are beginning to overcome the significant fines they faced last summer.

After repeated attempts in December and January, Westford Patch talked to Khemarith Kang, assistant manager at the store.

“Some people are curious why it took so long to open, but we’re continuing to move forward and continuing to grow so we can provide the best quality service to our customers,” he said.

According to Kang, the store, which opened just after Thanksgiving, has relied mainly on word of mouth to attract customers, comparable to what he saw when running a package store in Burlington.

“I think we’ve seen a steady stream of people starting to realize we are here,” he said. “The process is a little different than we expected, but Westford is a lot like Burlington.” 


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