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A Nabnasset Landmark

There are few places more "Nabnasset" than Nab's One Stop on Brookside Road, but this little convenience store has more than meets the eye.


If someone asks "how far is it to Nabnasset?," chances are that their estimate will end up close to . But for the quintessential Nabnasset corner store wedged between BP and the post office, there's more to meet the eye.

Founded 11 years ago when the pharmacy previously at the location went out of business, Joel and Mathew Farber purchased the store's remaining inventory. Eventually, they bought the building itself and the store was born. Little did the father and son team know then how intertwined they would become with the neighborhood, and how much the neighborhood would come to rely on the store.

"We know about 99 percent of our customers by name," said Joel. "Since we're a family business, we're able to be flexible and go out of our way to order things that our customers might want at request, and I think they appreciate that. We'll definitely go out of our way to get a product for them."

While it may not have the square footage of or things found at other area convenience stores such as the ability to fill prescriptions or alcohol sales, the store has compensated with a variety of amenites ranging from items from local businesses to prices on Keurig K-Cups that are actually lower than Keurig's website to the ability for customers to pay over 250 types of bills right there in person.

Between that and its family atmosphere, the Farber's clientle has grown during its decade of existence beyond folks down the street.

"Nabnassset is very family oriented, and originally most of our customers came from here due to that," said Mathew. "But now we see regular customers coming in from as far as Methuen and Acton."

Nab's One Stop is open 365 days a year until 6:30 a.m to 8:30 p.m., excluding Thanksgiving when they close at 3 and Christmas Eve, when they're open until 10.

More information on the store is available on their Facebook page.

Paul & Joan La Chance Sr December 21, 2011 at 12:38 AM
This store is very clean .Greeting cards of all type are 1/2 price , Bread buy one get one free , Joel and Matt and Jeanne our great people ,always willing to help you fine what your looking for . Fresh made coffee always A great place to shop . P L
Tracy LeBlanc December 21, 2011 at 02:03 PM
Are you a Nab-ite? Fans of Nabnasset share stories and pictures on the Nabnasset Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/277863355227/


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