Latest Novel in Westford Knight Series Brings Familiar Themes To New Locales

"Powdered Gold" is the third novel in Westford author David Brody's series on the local legend.

David Brody (courtesy photo)
David Brody (courtesy photo)

Westford author David Brody is back, and for the latest novel he’s looking to strike gold! Powdered gold, that is…..

Marking the third book in his series based around the legend of the Westford Knight, Powdered Gold hopes to follow in the footsteps of Cabal of the Westford Knight and Thieves on the Cross.

In this latest book, the Westford-based characters travel to the American Southwest in a plot that includes more Pre-Columbian artifacts, a survivalist group seeking to unlock the mysteries of a substance called “Powdered Gold” and elements of the U.S. Defense Department who hope to make sure some mysteries are not revealed.

While Powdered Gold and Thieves on the Cross do hold some pieces of Westford in their plots, they aren’t as Westford-focused as Cabal of the Westford Knight was, with Brody preferring to incorporate real life artifacts into fiction thrillers rather than creating made up items to stay entirely local.

“There are only so many artifacts in Westford you can focus on,” he said. “I try not to make up artifacts because there are so many out there that are interesting to me in real life, whether they’re authentic or not.”

History Chanel fans may be familiar with Brody’s imprint on the History 2 series America Unearthed, where he played a role in research for the program, part of which was integrated into this latest book.

Brody says his love of American Pre-Columbian history dates back almost as long as he can remember.

“Even as a kid, I remember looking up at the timelines on the blackboard, seeing Leif Ericson coming to America around 1000 and Columbus coming 500 years later and wondering what happened in that gap,” he said. “It still strikes me as I search for all these artifacts, and I’ll probably keep on writing books based around them as long as I can keep on finding new ones.”

Brody will be on hand at Art on Main to sign copies of his book on Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. Copies can be purchased there, at the Westford Museum or on Amazon.

The book is expected to be available on Nook and Kindle next week.  

Penny Lacroix December 18, 2013 at 01:43 PM
Powdered Gold is available at the Museum as well! We're open this Sunday 2-4 for last-minute "Westford" gifts.


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