Westford's Apple Blossom Festival is Underway

The 2014 Apple Blossom Festival begins. Credit: Tony Schinella
The 2014 Apple Blossom Festival begins. Credit: Tony Schinella
There are rides, there are games, there is food, and most of all, there is a ton of fun. The annual Apple Blossom Festival has begun. Here are some video highlights from this afternoon. Check out a quick roundup of the events happening all this week
Cori Ryan May 15, 2014 at 09:16 PM
We went on three of the rides tonight. Great time! We started out with the swings because we thought we might be able to see our house from there. Conclusion: we can't see our house from there. We then tried the hang glider ride where you lay on your stomach and fly around and around. Conclusion: fun but a lot easier to get in than get out. This was when we realized we were glad we did not recognize anyone around. We then tried the bobsled. We now know what is making the horn sounds that we hear from our house. Conclusion: longest time riding of the three and better bang for the (five) bucks. Tomorrow, fried dough!
Debra Jewett Siriani May 16, 2014 at 07:09 AM
Happy to hear you had fun! Tonight is the Battle of the Bands, held in the Abbott Cafe due to rain. FREE!


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