Westford Recycling Commission Offers Tips on Curbside Pickup

Here are eight tips to make sure you're all set come February.

In case you missed it, as of February 1, all households that are not recycling will not have their trash picked up due to lower costs for the town for recycled versus non-recycled items.

Here are a few tips provided by the Westford Recycling Commission on how you make recycling easier.

  1. Everything recyclable can go into the SAME container. Westford has been a single stream recycler for over 4 years.  No need to separate paper from plastic from glass anymore.
  2. If you need another recycling bin, options are available.  See the WRC website for details.
  3. Westford recycles ALL plastics labeled #1 - #7. However, no Styrofoam of any kind, even if it has a #6 on it, can be recycled curbside.
  4. You CANNOT curbside recycle plastic bags or wrappers, even if they have a recycling symbol on them. They get caught in the sorting mechanism. These can be recycled at many local grocery stores.
  5. Pizza boxes CAN be recycled as long as there isn’t too much grease and all food is removed. If in doubt, rip off the top and recycle that.
  6. Shredded paper CAN go in the recycle bin.  Place the shredded paper in a PAPER bag, staple the top shut and toss into the recycle bin.
  7. Aluminum foil CAN be recycled. This includes Hershey kiss wrappers, pie plates, and foil lids on yogurt.
  8. You CAN recycle all bottle caps and lids from metal cans.

For more information, please visit the WRC website:  www.westfordma.gov/recycling  and Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/WestfordRecyclingCommission


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