LETTER: Arciero Has Been Good for Seniors

The following is a letter to the editor.


State Representative Jim Arciero is a very accomplished individual who has done a great deal for Westford’s seniors.   As former Social Worker at the Cameron Senior Center, I have come to know Jim for his work with the seniors of Westford.   He has regularly attended our events and I have seen the strong impact he has on seniors whenever he stops by to visit.  


One of the highlights over the years has been when Representative Arciero and Senator Eileen Donoghue have held their annual Westford Senior Barbecue at the Cameron. This event, free to the seniors, features not only a barbecue and entertainment, but also an opportunity for seniors to ask their state officials about the issues of the day.   They are fully prepared to do so and to express their opinions as well.   Jim is consistently attentive, respectful and follows up with his constituents whenever requested.   In addition to hosting this summer barbecue, Representative Arciero is always there at our Gay 90’s celebration and also to honor any recipients of the Boston Cane, presented periodically to the oldest resident of the town.   He also frequently holds office hours at the Cameron as well, which gives our seniors further chances to speak with him and to address their concerns. 


Finally, I would like to thank Jim for the times when I have contacted his State House office seeking assistance for some of our seniors.  He is always willing to help and offer advice on finding solutions to problems some of our seniors face.   His accessibility to the senior community is an important attribute that we need in our elected officials as our senior population has unique problems and challenges that need to be addressed.  Representative Arciero is such an official that I have had the pleasure of working with to address these matters.   I hope he will be re-elected to continue this important work.




Judith Ramirez

14 Beaver Dam Drive

Westford, MA 01886



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