Galvin Joins Race for Second Middlesex Seat

Dennis Galvin, Candidate for State Representative, Second Middlesex District
Dennis Galvin, Candidate for State Representative, Second Middlesex District

Dennis Galvin of Westford MA has announced that he is a candidate for State Representative for the Second Middlesex District in Massachusetts.   In making this announcement, Galvin stated that concerns over the state’s economy and the integrity, competence and responsiveness of state government, led to his decision.

Galvin said: “The Second Middlesex District is made up of hard working, productive people who want to build a future here in Massachusetts, but their economic opportunities are becoming limited, their tax burden is increasing and their access to state local aid is diminishing.  Their voices on Beacon Hill are being drowned out by a crescendo of special interests; the constraints of one party rule have severely limited the options available to them to address their concerns, and the record of corruption in both the House and Senate has alienated many from state government.  It is time for a change.”

The 62 year old Galvin has been a resident of Westford for over thirty years.  He brings considerable experience -- both in government and in the private sector -- to the race having served thirty years with the Massachusetts State Police, three years as Director of Security for the Department of Transportation and four years as a senior manager for G4S Secure Solutions.  He also served as the Project Manager for the security force at the Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant in Seabrook, NH.   Additionally, he is Vice Chairman of the Westford Planning Board of which he has been a member for eight years.  Mr. Galvin is married to Kathleen Galvin and has four children and two grandchildren.   He will be running as a Republican.

The Galvin campaign is set to formally kick-off with events in all three towns in the district on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

Greg Narinian March 09, 2014 at 11:35 PM
Mr Galvin has our VOTE...We NEED MORE people like him...


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